Thursday, December 4, 2008

Learn A Perfect Throw in Bowling

Most people love to bowl as a past time, or some for purely sport competitions! But who doesn't want a perfect strike? Here are some short tips to learn on how to do the perfect throw ;).
  1. Get Some Ball. For a sweet curve that mathematically increases your chances of blasting all 10 pins, ditch the hard-plastic junker and head to a pro shop. As your floor-grabbing urethane ball is being drilled, keep in mind that power-pawed pros grip with only the tips of their fingers.
  2. Stand at Attention. With your left foot slightly forward, cradle the ball between your belt buckle and man-boobs with your nonswinging hand. This open posture nudges your roll just wide enough to arc in from the outside of the lane (where less oil equals more traction).
  3. Connect the Dots. With bowling, as with breaking up, the first step is the toughest. Start on your right foot and shift the ball's mass into your step. As you approach and swing, use the lane's arrows to visualize an arcing trajectory right into the sweet spot, just right of the headpin.
  4. Spin It Good. To send the projectile spiraling, turn your wrist counter clockwise to a handshake position at the last second-the combination of spin and momentum should induce a hook, lending your ball a better angle, or what Duke calls a "wider pocket"!