Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fast facts!

Did you know...
  • that during the Super Bowl, - water is being flushed from at least 90 million toilets wherein that water is enough to flow over Niagara Falls for 3 minutes? can run an electricity, like a hydro power plant! LOL!
  • at least 88% of dog owners who are female say that their dogs has at least one quality they'd like to see and feel with their significant other.
  • at least 27% of people include their pets in their wills :).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beer Related Jobs

Just in case to those who are curious or wondering what do people do on their beer related jobs:
  • Brand Manager - Oversees TV advertising, packaging, ensure the company puts its best food forward. The tough part: Tracking volume and profit (involves numbers!). The fun part: At Coors, you get to cast models and go to the Super Bowl. An undergraduate degree in business or communications is usually required.
  • Beer Tester - Ensures each brew meets taste and quality standards - which means being paid to drink beer from 9-5 daily. Tasting tends to be done in very small amounts, usually no more than a thimbleful. If you understand the beer-brewing process and have a discerning palette, you're good to go.
  • Brewmaster - Oversees and directs the beer brewing process, doing everything from selecting the ingredients to formulating the recipe to managing the brewing staff. Usually, an undergrad degree in biology is needed and may require advanced study in brewing sciences, plus years of brew experience.
Tough, isn't it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Woman's Drink Says About Her

If you want to be a cocktail decoder and curious about women's personality description, try checking on her favorite cocktail drinks ;).
  • Martini - the woman is typically stressed out, depressed and looking to shift her mood. She's likely to be high-maintenance, but serious drinker.
  • Beer - if she's trying to down those brews, it means she's trying to be one of those guys. She can also be fun and spontaneous but doesn't feel comfortable with her femininity.
  • Lemon Drops - women who drink this are fun to go out with. She's trendy, fashionable, and fun-loving. She may have street smarts, but isn't a Rhodes Scholar.
  • Red Wine - they are health conscious and conservative, but also sensual, warm and nurturing.
  • Scotch - A woman who drinks this knows who she is, and doesn't care what anybody thinks.
  • Rum and Coke - this woman likes to have fun and is laid back. If the glass of rum and coke could speak, - they are saying; "I'm going nuts tonight!"
  • Champagne - she is elitist, pretentious and wants people to think she's an intellectual person. She also has a little bit of fantasy going on.
  • Cosmo - she's another high maintenance chick. She typically doesn't go with the flow and tries too hard to look sophisticated to the people around her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Nutrition Tips For Shaping Up

According to Melissa Dunn, a physical therapist, the best way to get in shape is to focus on healthy living, not the number on the scale.
Think about it. Be aware of the food you eat daily. Instead of eating calorie-dense foods, like pasta, french fries or pizza, incorporate more veggies and fruits into your meals. They are packed with fiber which help you feel full longer, plus you get all of the vitamins and antioxidants, - good for your skin and overall health.

Pack your own lunch at least twice a week. Try making a veggie and turkey-loaded sandwich and pair it with apple sauce or low-fat pudding for dessert, and a piece of fruit or a hard boiled egg for a snack.

Cut back on sweetened beverages that are often packed with hidden calories. Don't assume that all sugar-free substitutes are good for you. The simplest dietary improvement you can make is to give up the calories you drink.

Try to eat your breakfast early in the morning which may help you make positive food choices later in the day.
Skipping meals often causes your metabolism to slow and store fat. Also, people who skip breakfast tend to overeat at their next meal.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Bikers Are Safer To Be With Traffic Instead of Going Against It

Bikes usually go much faster than someone on foot. While the speed of a person walking is roughly 3mph, a byciclist can zip along at 15+ mph. If a car's coming in the opposite direction at a higher speed than that, there's far less response time if the bike weaves into the lane of traffic than there would be if both were traveling in the same direction. So, it's wise to go with the flow.