Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beer Related Jobs

Just in case to those who are curious or wondering what do people do on their beer related jobs:
  • Brand Manager - Oversees TV advertising, packaging, ensure the company puts its best food forward. The tough part: Tracking volume and profit (involves numbers!). The fun part: At Coors, you get to cast models and go to the Super Bowl. An undergraduate degree in business or communications is usually required.
  • Beer Tester - Ensures each brew meets taste and quality standards - which means being paid to drink beer from 9-5 daily. Tasting tends to be done in very small amounts, usually no more than a thimbleful. If you understand the beer-brewing process and have a discerning palette, you're good to go.
  • Brewmaster - Oversees and directs the beer brewing process, doing everything from selecting the ingredients to formulating the recipe to managing the brewing staff. Usually, an undergrad degree in biology is needed and may require advanced study in brewing sciences, plus years of brew experience.
Tough, isn't it?