Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alcoholism Prevention?

According to a certain study conducted in 2008, problem drinkers can take a drug called naltrexone, - to be taken daily which will curb the urge to drink.
The government approved the naltrexone injection that works for a full month. Basing on the study, the injection got high marks, reducing the number of days on which the subjects drank and the amount they consumed when they slipped.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things To Know To Get a Fair Appraisal

  1. The new rules don't guarantee accuracy. If you're a home owner and you want to refinance or sell, be sure your home isn't mistakenly valued below your sale price or loan limit. Appraisal management companies tend to hire people who gets the job done quickly and cheaply, rather than those who know the area best.
  2. Detective work may pay off. Inquire from a real estate agent to help you ID recent comparable sales in your area and get some ideas on the circumstances from your neighbors.
  3. Curb appeal can boost your members. Your home appearance has some influence on the appraiser's final number. Before the appraiser comes, prepare your home in such a way you would do for an open house. You can mow the yard, shine windows, tidy closets, pick up clutters from floors, etc...Appraisers usually eye the house like a buyer.
  4. Point out your home's best features. Give your appraiser a list of your home's best attributes such as a recent upgrade or improvements in the house, the benefits of living in your neighborhood, and accessibilities to top schools or public transportations, etc...
  5. it's oaky to fight back after the fact. Always ask a copy of the final report when it is done. Check further for errors in key stats, etc. If you find a mistake, call the appraiser directly and ask him to check his work. If he's uncooperative, take your complaint to your real estate's appraisal board.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beware Ipod Users!

There are more than 200 million ipod users out there, so hear this if you can!
Did you know that listening to music through earbuds for 90 minutes daily with an 80% volume should be the limit if you don't want to damage your hearing?

A 70% volume can boost your listening time to 4 1/2 hours.

A full volume, you risk hearing loss after just 5 minutes of listening.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Surgery for Migraines?

A certain study claims it, - it's possible! Based on the study, 49 migraine patients underwent plastic surgery like that one to a forehead lift, and more than half of them said their migraines were gone. the surgery removed some of the muscles surrounding the trigeminal nerve branches, - they trigger migraines.
On the other hand, 26 patients had similar operation but didn't target the trigeminals, and the migraine stopped for only one of them.
Hhmm...sounds interesting.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painkillers Abuse

Did you know that acetaminophen found in Tylenol as well as other prescription and non-prescription products can lead to liver failure if taken in excess?
The Food and Drug Administration has actually recommended lowering the maximum allowed dose, and products only containing acetaminophen prescription are allowed, banning others.
The concern is that many people still take the drug unknowingly in cold medicines or other preparations.
Always check with your doctor!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You Ready To Retire?

If you are not yet sure where you stand, there are at least4 steps to help you determine if you are on the mark of retiring.
First, you need to re-evaluate your retirement goals. For example, if you originally had planned to spend retirement quietly on the beach and suddenly, you just want to keep up with your daily expenses.
You might need to focus on choosing between focusing on short-term strategies before concentrating on a long-term plans. So, it's better to start evaluating your expenses and needs. Once you're ready to focus on the future, consider what's essential for you. It might be a continued part-time in retirement, caring for your grandchildren or start your own business if you have enough funds to cover it.
Second, try estimating your financial retirement needs, such as expenses for your food, clothing, housing, insurance, etc...and estimate how much these expenses would possibly increase, decrease or go away upon retirement.
Third, determine your income sources. You need to establish a steady stream of income in retirement as well. You can determine the size by gathering copies of your most recent social security pensions and tax statements, and estimates of your targeted income from part/full-time jobs.
Fourth, try putting a plan in place with your advisor. It's still the best option to consult with a financial planner rather than relying on your calculator. Your spouse should be participating with Justify Fullyou if you are married.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Useless Comments

I appreciate any comments but I have been noticing lately that this blog have been receiving comments that I considered useless. There are lots of comments written in Chinese, but please do note that majority of my readers are NOT Chinese and I, as the author can't even appreciate it because I don't read and speak Chinese! To the one concerned, please do NOT put any comment written in Chinese, because in the first place, it won't show up on my posts because all comments are strictly moderated by me.
Besides, I don't tolerate comments that are just wanting to promote their commercial sites or links...sorry! All comments should be related or has some concern regarding the post.
Thanks, and I hope you understand. All spam comments don't pass as well, so don't waste your time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Investment For The Future

Do you want to buy buy gold coins for your investment? It has been proven for many decades that gold is the best method of preserving value when currency fails. So, if you want to safeguard your savings, your money is usually safe in gold. If you are interested to make an investment in gold, check the United States Gold Bureau by reaching them at 1-800-775-3504. Their trained specialists are on stand by and always ready to assist you make the right decisions as well as teach you in learning about how to invest in precious metals.
The US Gold Bureau is the leading and trusted gold authority as well as all about precious metals.

The Best Way To Stop a Bleeding Nose

According to Dr. Lamm, when your nose starts to bleed, blow your nose gently to get the clout out. Then, lean forward. Avoid leaning backward as you will tend to swallow all the blood.
Pinch the soft part of your nose for 10 minutes then put an ice pack on it and on your cheeks to reduce blood flow. Don't take aspirin as it only aggravate the bleeding.
If you still have bleeding, the blood is perhaps coming from the back which means a larger artery can be bleeding, and is serious, or you might be having a problem with your clotting.
In either case, see your doctor!

Real Gifts From Facebook?

Yes, I mean, real tangible gifts like flowers actually arriving at your doorsteps sent through Facebook. Would you believe it?
I'm not even aware of it, but yes, it's really true! Here is how it really works;
The real-life gifts work from friends you have by sending the gift (from your friend) on your digital wall. Before someone can send the gift, he/she has to input credit or debit card info to obtain Facebook credits. This is Facebook's own currency, worth 10 cents per unit. Once the purchase is complete, the sender then uses your profile to send the real gifts. You then get a notification on your wall and if you provide your address to the third party vendor, your gift will then show up on your doorsteps few days later.

Investing On Gold

In times like these days where economy becomes unstable, most investors would find the best way for financial security.
How about investing in gold? Of course, it's just normal for many to doubt at first. After all, investment business involves a lot of risks if not done the right way. And talking about one of the most precious metals of all times such as gold is even much more too risky to handle which involves a lot of careful planning and decisions particularly if you don't have any idea about going through the process of gold investment.
For those who might be interested to be in gold investment, there are various ways to buy gold coins as an investment. If you are not sure where, when and how to begin, let the United States Gold Bureau help you in every step of your way through the process. You can as well reach a metal specialist through 1-800-775-3504. They will be with you from the start to the end :).