Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things To Know To Get a Fair Appraisal

  1. The new rules don't guarantee accuracy. If you're a home owner and you want to refinance or sell, be sure your home isn't mistakenly valued below your sale price or loan limit. Appraisal management companies tend to hire people who gets the job done quickly and cheaply, rather than those who know the area best.
  2. Detective work may pay off. Inquire from a real estate agent to help you ID recent comparable sales in your area and get some ideas on the circumstances from your neighbors.
  3. Curb appeal can boost your members. Your home appearance has some influence on the appraiser's final number. Before the appraiser comes, prepare your home in such a way you would do for an open house. You can mow the yard, shine windows, tidy closets, pick up clutters from floors, etc...Appraisers usually eye the house like a buyer.
  4. Point out your home's best features. Give your appraiser a list of your home's best attributes such as a recent upgrade or improvements in the house, the benefits of living in your neighborhood, and accessibilities to top schools or public transportations, etc...
  5. it's oaky to fight back after the fact. Always ask a copy of the final report when it is done. Check further for errors in key stats, etc. If you find a mistake, call the appraiser directly and ask him to check his work. If he's uncooperative, take your complaint to your real estate's appraisal board.