Monday, August 30, 2010

The Best (and Worst) Things You Should Say (and not Say) To a Girl

Always Say:
  • "Do anything fun today?" This helps her find her passion.
  • "That was a brave thing to do." - We should stand up and cheer for someone or something they believe in. After all, it's the mark of the leader :).
  • "Let's go for a run." - can gain her mood and self-image. An exercise also gives her confidence in her body's strength.
  • "You can be anything; don't have to be everything." - "you go girl" is always a great message, but she also needs to be aware when and if she wants to, she can slow down.
  • "Yum!!!" - teach her to enjoy her food and not battle it.
  • "Just know I'm here. No pressure. No judgement." - this helps her to know she can turn to and trust someone, even if she doesn't end up doing so.
  • "Well-behaved women seldom make history." If she wants to break the rule sometimes, you have her back.
Never Say:
  • "I feel fat." Beware of saying this. If she sees you hating your body, she may learn to loathe others.
  • "You're young. You'll get over it." - Although it doesn't matter, the hut doesn't make it sting less. Ask how you can help instead.
  • "Men suck." - Bashing just feeds an us-versus-them mentality.
  • "Sure you want to eat right?" - Don't let her think that everything she puts in her mouth is fodder for scrutiny.
  • "Paris is such a slut." - Trashing women teaches girls to be mean. Research suggests that talking with girls about female politicians can help them aspire leadership roles.
  • "Guys won't like you if you..." - It's never good to change to "get" a guy. Tell her the right one will like ever crazy, quirky thing about her.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's For Garden Lovers!

Gardening is such a good hobby as long as you love doing it. They say a gardener is an artist because the reflection of creativity of the gardener comes out of it in the form of an art. DOn't you think?

For sure, most gardeners are yearning to have arbors that add a special delight on their yards :). Of course, without these, the effect would sometimes be boring. Did you know that an arbor can also be very functional as a support for growing vines or flowers?

Yard Arbors offer huge selection of arbors, gazebos and pergolas with various styles, sizes and materials with low prices, so it's budget-friendly. The different types of vinyl garden arbors are really attractive. No wonder why they are best sellers!
Don't forget to check on the huge and various selection of wooden arbors as well because they are on sale! Plus, they all come in free shipping on any item order you choose. Don't miss the chance of getting one now.

Ways to Make Mondays Better

Don't make your Monday a gloomy day! Don't make it always a "rainy day" and makes you down as the song would say, lol!

Start writing your to-do list Friday afternoon, so when you go work on Monday, you won't wonder where to begin.

Enjoy your Sunday night and don't waste it angst-ing that the weekend is fine. Invite people over, catch a flick or plan the fun stuff you'll do all week long.

Try to limit Monday morning chats. Catch up with your colleagues after getting some work done. Procrastination only adds stress.

Pace yourself. Check off two jobs from your to-do list before lunch and then a few more after. Take note; - you can only do one thing at a time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Knowing More About Web Hosting

Before putting up your website, I consider it really a smart idea if you find a webhosting site that would all be considered an "all-in-one", you know what I mean?
Come see it for yourself, - a site where you can see the latest news about the webhosting industry, the latest trends and reviews.

Webhostingfan reviews is one vital page you should regularly check, because they offer in-depth reviews of the best web hosting providers. This would also be your great opportunity to compare features and know what are those that your website needs.

And hey, this is one cool thing about it. They are looking for a webhostingfan guest blogger. So, those web hosting enthusiasts out there, this is your chance to shine ;). Check out their requirements and see if you qualify.

Health-Care Myths

Don't be misleaded whenever you hear about health-care myths. You have to understand about 3 myths on health-care reform we seem to hear repeatedly.

Myth#1. - Rising Health-Care Costs Are a Problem in Themselves.
Health-care costs are in fact revenues and fast rising revenues are usually seen as exciting and loudable in every industry except one. How come?, - you might ask. It's for the fact that in health care we aren't getting our money's worth,a dn tons of dollars are wasted. So, the problem is not that we're spending so much, but why.
So, make advocates tell how their plan would address the "why" by cutting waste and boosting efficiency, and when they do, make sure they don't invoke.

Myth#2. - The Fee-For-Service System is a Major part of the Problem.
The reason we buy lots of unnecessary health-care services is not the fee-for-service system, which we use to buy almost all services! It's because we aren't paying with our own money. 12% of US health-care spending is out of pocket, which has been falling for decades.
If more money should only be spent more carefully on our behalf for health care, it should have been spent on services directly or on insurance that covers those services.
Don't allow reform partisans to tell you how they will eliminate fee-for-service, make them tell you how they would let consumers direct more of their own health-care spending.

Myth#3. A Well-Designed Government Plan Can Avoid Rationing.
Let's just face it. Health care will be rationed and it must be. Saying it otherwise means the government can supply it in unlimited quantities to everyone.
Also, health care is rationed in private systems as well, but done by price and they don't call it rationing. Reform that widens coverage improves outcomes, and reduces waste is such an ambitious goal that we may fail to achieve it.

Golf Vacation Packages

There would be some who wants to spend quiet vacation on the beach, but some would probably prefer to spend their vacation more actively particularly if they love to play golf.
This lin, - might be the one you are looking for.

The Myrtle Beach golf courses must be an awesome deal so that many golfers love going back there. I'm talking about the Tidewater Golf Club Plantation which is considered to be number one due to its finely architectural design and highly conditioned golf course. This is just one of their golf courses that golfers would surely love!

The Myrtle Beach golf packages are worth checking as well. You would never want to leave this site because of the offers you couldn't resist! You can conveniently reserve your tee time online, too. So, don't procrastinate! Remember, summer will be ending soon.

Color Coded Health

Some preliminary findings showed that men who eat 15 ounces of broccoli a week may lower the risk for prostate cancer than men who don't.
Foods such as tomatoes, is a good source of cancer-fighting compounds called lycopenes, as well as pomegranate juice that's rich in anthocyanins which are also thought to have tumor-suppressing qualities.
However, more research is needed to determine a cause-and-effect relationship between these colorful fruits and veggies in relation to prostate health, but until then, it can't hurt to indulge in a few of your favorite foods.

In addition to those foods mentioned above, the Prostate Cancer Foundation suggests some combinations of the following fruits and veggies into your diet:
  • pink grapefruit, watermelon
  • grapes, berries, plums
  • carrots, mangoes, apricots, canteloupes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes
  • oranges, peaches, papayas, nectarines
  • spinach, collards, yellow corn, green peas, avocados, honeydews
  • brussels, sprouts, cabbage, bok choy
  • garlic, onions, asparagus, leeks, shallots, chives

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oceanfront Seaside Resorts

When it comes to Myrtle Beach, your choices of places to stay is endless! Here, you can get good offers of vacation packages with each resort.
Check out the link and see what I am talking about :).
Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts is also an ideal place for golfing, so if you want your vacation to be mixed with a little play of golf in between, check the golf packages Myrtle Beach promo.

Hey, don't forget to check on their special package offers Your kids would love it too especially the little ones :).

It's convenient to book online. If you want a vacation for a lifetime, condo rentals, or simply just want to enjoy the beaches of the Grand Strand, better yet check their six resorts at their site: .

Window Attractions

I haven't thought a window box can do a lot of things in the house. Not until I saw these garden window boxes online that have awesome designs that come in various sizes and styles. Topping it with floral plants would really be gorgeous!

I can highly recommend this to those who love gardening and flowers as well. Isn't it cute if you can get to extend a mini-garden on your window?

WindowBox Planters is the right place to get a huge selection of window plant boxes and accessories you need. Getting one online is very convenient, plus you get a free and fast shipping. How's that? And take note; - the items are exclusive products, so keep checking. Tons to choose from.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Your best Defense Against Bullying

No one deserves to be harassed. If it's happening to you, - talk it up with someone. You can also visit the Pacer web site pacerteensagainstbullying dot org. This site is created by teens. You can be of help to stop bullying. Don't let it happen to someone you know.

Help others by volunteering, - also a great way to build confidence and it gives you a better point of view on what others experience. Usually, people bully others because they lack confidence.

Be the change. People who intimidate others when they're younger are more likely to be offending adults, so it's of utmost importance to stop the behavior as early as possible. If you're finding yourself to be mean, stop what you're doing and examine the roots of your actions.

If you have friends that are bullies, the best approach is to be direct. Speak up. They need to be called out on their behavior and let them understand the effects of their actions have on others. Be comfortable going to an adult for help. School officials should always be able to address any of these issues.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Online Tutoring

Private tutors are expensive. Not every parents or students can afford it. Thank God for internet, it had gone a long way to help people including students.
Tutornext is a good online tutoring site specifically for K-12 and college students that need more learning and understanding, such as solving Pre Algebra problems, prime numbers, etc. You can be at the comfort of your own home and yet you can still be connected to expert tutors online.

Come to think of it. Some people are not good in numbers. With Tutornext right beside them, it's like a home school at your own pace :). They can learn all about the basic concepts and mastery in dealing with them.

Math Questions that you can't seem to ask from your classroom instructors can now be just a click away with Tutornext. Learn to solve the easy way when dealing with difficult Math problems...why not? It's because expert Math tutors will teach you the concepts, all throughout.
Thinking about Linear Equations? Another one good point to discover with Tutornext is once you're on the site, they show you the process of solving various problems depending on the subject you want to learn. So, if you need further explanations about this topic, it's all there.

You can as well learn how to divide numbers, fractions, decimals and polynomials by simply going to the related page and you can see numerous examples about the methods of solving problems. The same thing with Algebra equations where in you get to solve multiple equations one step at a time. Examples are presented in a way where you can understand it much easier.

Standard form equations are also presented with clear and precise examples. Go visit Tutornext, and if you think you really need tutors, they can offer you the cheapest rate. Cheap rates does not always mean low quality, because they provide you with a high quality one-on-one supplemental education at your own convenience.

Live Healthy Ways in September

September is fast approaching, so think and live healthy ;).

  • Take extra care of your sight. If you're using contact lenses, use and replace them according to your doctor's orders. Take them out before sleeping and clean them correctly.
  • According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, dollar stores actually offer the best variety of healthful foods like canned veggies and fruits, compared with convenience food stores.
  • Sleep more safely (and soundly). If you're treating a log-sawing snore, don't automatically depend for an OTC remedy as they might not be effective. It could be sleep apnea, so see your doctor.
  • Get smart. Puzzles such as crosswords, Soduku or Rubik's cube are good ways to ward off diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

It's kinda challenging looking for a good dedicated servers and hosting solutions for your website or online business as there are tons of sites out there to choose from and yet you aren't sure which one should your site needs best.
If you're looking for a shared or windows shared web hosting, why not choose the one that has ultimate in security, stability and performance like the Superb Gridiron Platform? You can have a shared web hosting for as low as $4.99/month, and a windows shared web hosting for a plan as low as $8.50/month.
Also, managed hosting at Superb offers you the flexibility focusing on your business while they manage your servers. It's because they have a dedicated group of certified engineers who will be managing your infrastructure so you won't be having hassles creating backups, updating servers or you don't need to worry about monitoring your servers.
If you happened to already have a web-based business with your own servers, you can also have the option to probably consider getting a colocation plan which would guarantee to provide you with impenetrable security and incomparable network speed. Want to know more? Check them online.

Lifesaving vaccines You Shouldn't Miss

When it comes to protecting our health, we should make sure our body is fully equipped with appropriate immunizations to combat illnesses. Both kids and adults should go in for their immunizations.

Flu Vaccine: Called influenza (aka flu) is a highly contagious respiratory illness with symptoms like fever, aches, sore throat, runny nose and nausea, with an estimated 36,000 deaths annually. There are 2 separate shots; the regular flu vaccine and the H1N1 virus (swine flu) vaccine.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends everyone, 6 months and older to get the shot, at least once a year between September and February, - the sooner the better.
Get both vaccines for full protection.

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Hepatitis B attacks the liver that causes jaundice, liver cancer and liver failure. Everyone must get it especially sexually active adults who are not monogamous in their relationships. Hepa B is transmitted sexually, but it can also be spread by sharing needles and from mother to baby during delivery.
Three shots is administered within a 6-month period and taken once in a lifetime.

HPV Vaccine: It reduces a woman's risk of developing cervical cancer and genital warts by 70-80% by protecting against 4 strains of genital human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus. This vaccine is administered for females between ages 9-26, since this age are less likely to have already been infected by the virus; The shot only prevents, - not treat HPV.
If someone (or already over 26 years old) has already HPV, getting vaccinated may prevent infection from more serious. Three shots given over a 6-month period provide long-lasting immunity.

Tdap booster: This shot protects against tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough (pertussis). All adults 19-64 years of age can get it except for pregnant women.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Your Mail Secure?

One main reason why many become victims of identity theft is due to mail theft and robbery. It may be quite odd to some thinking that their neighborhood is secure, and so they don't need to worry about their mailbox. But it pays to be always secure.
One way of preventing identity theft is securing your mailbox. Why not consider getting a locking mailbox? It doesn't need to be complicated to get one and install it.

Have you checked those locking mailboxes online at Mailboxixchange? It's your one-stop shop marketplace for mailboxes with different models and designs that are made up of high quality materials and yet prices are affordable.

Those lockable mailboxes are equipped with high security locking system that would prevent thieves that can possibly hack your mails. You can watch videos how these mailboxes can really be your "guardian angels" in protecting your mails. You have many designs to choose from that would fit your needs.

Billy Graham's Principles for Living

I will be quoting some of these posts courtesy of the author Alanna Nash from Reader's Digest :).

I always admire Graham's wisdom in preaching the Good News! And I believe, this wisdom that he had is a blessing from God. No wonder why he had gathered thousands of long lost souls to come back to God.

These principles I believe are golden insights into achieving greater happiness:

  1. Make it your goal to live at peace with others. - Unfortunately, it's not possible to do this with everyone in our lives; Even our best efforts may not change another person's attitude. The key is to ask God if we're at fault, and if so, confess it and seek His help to overcome it. Life is short, so we shouldn't waste our days but live them for God's glory. Let us be at peace with God and with ourselves as well. Let's strive to set aside time each day to be alone with God like prayer, Bible reading and meditation.
  2. Treat others as you'd want them to treat you. - This is a simple but profound principle - the golden rule that comes from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. The Bible tells us "With humility comes wisdom." We are sinners and have been forgiven only because of God's grace. God gave us our gifts and abilities. But if we start thinking only ourselves more than we ought to, it takes away from our proper worship of God. Pride blinds us to our own faults. That's why we should pray not only for our friends but also for our enemies. Prayer is one way we put the golden rule into action.
  3. Guard your tongue. Use it for good instead of evil. - Many marriages and relationships have been destroyed because of criticism that spun out of control. The Bible is like a bottomless goldmine - the deeper we dig, the more riches we discover. It tells us, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs."
  4. Never repay evil with evil. - Evil is sin; - a deadly cancer that has invaded our souls. It isn't just an illusion or an absence of good. All evil deeds come from Satan and Satan is real, who is always absolutely opposed to God. Still, we're responsible for our own actions. Only God can replace the evil and sin in our hearts with love and kindness. Put your faith in God and follow Him.
  5. Avoid revenge. Don't be a captive of the past. "If someone has harmed us by breaking the law, we have the right to bring that person to justice, both for our good and the good of society. But hurting someone only because they have hurt us is another matter. We can't change the past; we can only seek God's forgiveness for whatever it is we did wrong.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Many Carrots?

Did you know that eating too mcuh carrots can turn your pigment into orange? It's because you're getting too much beta-carotene, an ingredient that's deposited in the skin when you eat carrots.
Good news is that this doesn't hurt you :).
But just in case you're eating a lot of carrots and you begin to turn orange, try switching to broccoli, tomatoes or other veggies that are lower in beta-carotene until the hue fades.
If you're not eating carrots and you notice any acute change in your skin tone, consult your doctor, since it could be a sign of jaundice or another disorder.

Is Your Home Secure?

Nowadays, no matter how we become so extra careful protecting our home with locks and all, some bad people are still hitting and robbing homes. Many families have been victims of robberies, and even crimes leading to lives being lost.
It's really a different thing when your mind is at peace and you know a Home Security Team is always on 24/7 monitoring your home safety and always ready to respond to you when emergency arises. If you think you really need one, you might want to consider getting one which would be budget-friendly.

Broadview security offers state-of-the-art home and business security solutions for every budget. Broadview security has been in business for more than 25 years and became one of the most trusted company to both home and business security solutions today. Learn more about it by checking their page at

No matter how big or small your house is, you get the same state-of-the-art equipments that includes burglar alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors which are all easy to use and ffordable. It's also ideal for both small or big businesses that comes equipped with business alarms and surveillance systems.

For better or worse, it's always a good practice to keep our home safe all the time. You can boost your home security by following some tips and advices featured at consumer reports online as well. Here, you can get to learn more on what to do and give you ideas on what works well and what to avoid.
If you learn the proper techniques on how you can boost your security at home or even at your work place, the better that your mind will be at peace, don't you think?

Friday, August 20, 2010

New frontiers of Fighting Fat

Live the basics by weighing in daily, recording what you eat and tracking your exercise. Make smart decisions by starting with meals that has a broth-based soup or low-fat salad of no more than 150 calories. These are low in calories, but high in protein, fiber and filling veggies.

Reduce trans and saturated fats and processed foods. Prefer to eat more natural foods and inflammation-quenching omega-3 fats.
Avoid long labels when eating food with one ingredient. When buying food in a box, bottle, bag or jar, it's always good to look for short lists on the labels.

Load up on fruits and vegetables and make sure they're not covered with fat, salt or sugar. Choose whole grain instead of refined carbs.

How and when to eat:
Start eating breakfast early, but what you eat still matters. Don't start your day eating doughnuts and expect to lose.
Don't starve yourself. Eat small meals every 2 hours or so. Eating often with healthy foods can make you feel full longer.

Stick with healthy foods that you enjoy; like a high-fiber cereal for breakfast, black bean soup with whole-wheat roll for lunch few days a week.

There are several ways to lose weight. It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you still get the right nutrients you need.

Stock footage

Have you checked what's happening lately at If you are a video maker, or are in commercial advertising, or if you are a smaller scale film maker looking for an inexpensive way to add professional quality special effects to your project, you probably already know about Revostock. If you don't know about them, consider this your lucky day. Revostock has a great variety of media Stock footage, stock video clips and stock audio clips, and after affects software, projects, and templates at very reasonable prices. They have a great selection of motion graphics after effects templates that are downloadable and customizable starting at $10.00 for presets, elements/Logos; $20.00 for commercials (pro) and $50.00 for commercials (elite). These motion graphics after effects will make your graphics dynamic and visually more stimulating, adding depth and life. You can simply refine searches for your stock video clips according to category, editor's choice or by producer. They have a great selection of audio clips and sound effects such as animals and body sounds, and you will find music to suit whatever mood your project needs. The after effects software is a great boon to the editing process and can be used to turn flat objects into 3-D shapes and isolate foreground elements from the background. Revostock also sells product bundles which combine video and audio clips and can be had for up to 50% off! That's big savings, don't you think? Just imagine getting such a vast selection of effects products from one website. If you are interested in selling your professional quality stock media you can earn at least 45 - 60%. Check out the website weekly for a look at their weekly freebie.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oceanfront Beach Resorts & Condos

I have come to check this link; - while surfing for our next itinerary before the summer ends. It's always good to catch up some more sun in the beach before another nine long months would set in for the cold season. Well, there's nothing more tranquil and memory-laden vacation that is worth spending than at the beach.

Avista resort is a family-friendly north Myrtle beach hotel equipped with both indoor and outdoor pools with complete amenities in each room. The oceanfront scenic views would be great that would complete the memories of a great vacation you are dreaming of.

There are various resorts in Myrtle Beach to choose from depending on your liking. You can enjoy the world's finest golf courses as much as you enjoy soaking in the pool and swimming in the beach as you like, plus have a stroll at nearby shops, restaurants and night spots! Now that's what you call real vacation! ;).

Identify Stroke F.A.S.T.!

The F.A.S.T. Action Plan to identify warning signs of stroke can help you save life. Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans doesn't have any idea about stroke symptoms, - which can lead to dangerous delays in getting medical help?

F - ace. ask the person to smile. A stroke warning sign can cause one side of the face to droop. Watch out for sudden severe headache with unknown cause or dimming of vision as well.

A - rms. ask person to raise both arms. If one arm drifts downward, it could be stroke, which also triggers numbness, weakness or paralysis with an arm or leg specifically one side of body. A person may also has unexplained loss of balance or sudden fall.

S - peech. - ask person to repeat simple sentence. Stroke victim has trouble speaking or understanding speech.

T - ime. If any of these symptoms are present, call 911. Stroke is a life-or-death emergency in which every minute counts.

The Car Connection

If you are a car enthusiast, it might be that you know more than enough information on how to spot or choose a good car ideal for a family, friend, a couple, sports, etc.. But not many can be one especially if somebody is wanting to get a good car and has no idea on getting the good one that fits his needs.
Good thing is, the car connection can do the task of helping people get consumer-friendly reviews, comparisons, tips and advices in choosing the appropriate car for consumers.

Take for example, the mazda tribute. The hybrid SUV was launched the year 2008 that had two different trims, Touring and Grand Touring and comes with 16 in. wheels as standard. And what about the brand new 2010 Mazda Tribute? Get the chance to preview the newest model and know different reviews from the experts and users as well.
The hyundai sonata might be one of your liking if you have a big family. Get the chance to have a complete preview and review of the latest 2011 Hyundai Sonata. It has now a big cabin and comes close of the same standard as the Honda Accord. The 2012 model is still being developed with lithium-polymer batteries which compliment a four-cylinder engine! Cool! It's getting more high-tech :).
Hey, don't forget to watch the videos of the sonata online as well from various auto shows and the commercial.

From Ford's luxury brand comes the lincoln mks, which is now smaller and less traditional than the outdated model. You can further read the basic information of the car in full details, plus reviews of course.
I am no expert when it comes to the mechanical aspects of a car although I can probably take a review of it physically the way it looks, lol!

The toyota highlander must be a great favorite for a big family, which has a five or seven-seat crossover.
See all the reviews, photos, detailed specifications and more recent news about these cars at the car connection online.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Cope With Competition

If your parents are pushing you too hard, speak up. Parents can be clueless because they probably don't have any idea that they are applying pressures on you.
Keep lines of communication open, and if they deny it, and communications aren't working, talk to your counselor or any teacher you're comfortable with at school. Don't bottle up your stress.

If any of your plans didn't go through, it's not the end of the world although it's but just normal to feel sad. Have a back up plan, then put it into action if everything didn't work. It's always good to have alternative options.

You're only human and you are prone to stress! A typical teen student needs at least 9 hours of sleep at night to be productive. Any less than that and you're seriously affecting your short and long term memory. So, take a good rest the good way.

Be healthy. Drinking and drugs don't help in dealing with competition. Find smarter ways to work with it like sports or meditation or volunteering. Turn your energy positively outward.

Repair Your Bad Credit

Having bad credit is a big problem, and if you're into it, you have to do something seriously to fix it. Improving your credit report is surely a one smart way to fix the mess. Why not check on for a free consultation?
The Credit People has over 10 years of experience servicing over 50,000 satisfied customers. It doesn't take long for you to get the basic facts on how to repair your credit and it's even for free!

You might as well check with DSI solutions about their online credit repair services and see what are the processess that they need to do that would fit to your specific situation. Get that help you deserve, sign up and they will do all the rest for you. They can handle everything for you like late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions, etc. so that once they have removed a negative item from your credit report, it doesn't come back.

Improve and fix your credit score and get plenty of benefits when you have good credit such as getting a home loan, car loan, getting a new credit card, and much more. Just imagine the relief and peace of mind you will get once your credit is restored to its good standing.

You'll Gonna Love A Cheap Seat!

Whether you're looking for sports tickets, theater tickets and concert tickets, it doesn't matter. For sure it would all be worth of fun. Good thing is, you can have all of them in one place at the IZOD Center Tickets online.
A Cheap Seat is an online ticket broker that has access to many Izod Center tickets across the country. Everyday, you can save more than a few bucks with their hottest deals on premium Izod Center tickets. Now, who doesn't love discounts?

Take note! Those who are avid basketball fans out there, particularly the New York Knicks fans, this would surely be your place to get your New York Knicks Tickets. Be sure to get them before all the games are over! The complete schedule and dates are there for your convenience as well.

And here's more. The holidays are fast approaching, so be sure to get your Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets before it's too late.
How I wish I could spend my holidays here in the US this year, but I will be out of the country :(. I am planning to probably see this next year in New York. At least now, I know where to go to online to check for tickets :).
The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is highly recommended if you love theater shows. I frequently hear about this and quite famous that more than 2 million people have already enjoyed it. Can't wait to see it as well ;).

Do You Suffer a Sleep Disorder?

Do you snore loudly?
Have you or others observed interrupted breathing or gasping for breath?
Do you feel sleepy or dose off while watching TV, reading, driving or engaging in daily activities?
Do you have trouble falling asleep, wake frequently during the night, wake too early or wake still feeling tired?
Do you feel unpleasant, tingling, creeping feelings or nervousness in your legs when trying to sleep?
Is your sleep easily interrupted by heartburn, bad dreams, discomfort or noise?

You might want to schedule an assessment at the Sleep Clinic if you have any of the following mentioned above.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flu Prevention Is In Your Hands

With proper hygiene, you can help prevent flu and other infections which is in addition to getting the flu vaccine.

Always wash hands often, especially when dirty and before eating.

Don't cough or sneeze into your hands, - instead, use tissue or your elbow (sleeve).

Discard tissue right away after using and wash hands.

Don't place your fingers in your eyes, nose or mouth.

Carry small bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to use before eating, after contact with others and after being in publci areas, such as mall, grocery store, restaurants or hospitals.

Enjoying Vacation at the Beach

As much as we deserve a good vacation, we always wanted that much deserving escapade to be full of cherished memories, fun and captivating sceneries ;).
I recently checked and just by looking at their oceanfront views accommodations is simply awesome! I heard of so many recommendations to visit Myrtle beach. I haven't been there yet, and perhaps, it should be worth planning on our next trip with my husband. We both love the beach and the outdoors!
Booking online for a Myrtle Beach Hotel like Horizon at 77th is surprisingly captivating talking of good amenities and yet with a reasonable price! Thanks for helping me look into expedia about this as well. That would lead me to where it is, LOL!
Although Horizon at 77th is still a brand new resort, I can see and feel that it can be one of those Myrtle Beach best hotels in the area. I can't make my actual review about the place yet. I still have to see and visit the place, just so it could be fair enough to give a review. It might be too soon! :).

Boost Your Productivity

I believe in the thought, - "work smarter, not harder." A few tweaks in you attitude can help you be perceived as effective instead of exhausted.

Pay attention as to when you become most productive which helps you manage your schedule better. Use this day to do complicated tasks. During times that you feel less alert, catch up on emails or do tasks that require less brain power.

Lessen interruptions. A lot of it can chip away at productivity. You might wanna try confabbing with your colleagues only at lunch time. That way, you'll stay on task and get projects done.

Eliminate stress by taking time to organize. Filing emails or letters in a folder means saving an hour of frantic searching in the future.

Keep an eye on major looming projects even if they are months off early. Try spending doing prep work to avoid future crush. Your initiative can impress your higher - ups.

The Mesothelioma Challenge

Mesothelioma Cancer seems to be a growing case for many people affected by it. I hear and see them on the news, and read about them from various articles on books and even online.
It must have been depressing and shocking to those who have been diagnosed, particularly if it's a family member or the worst, - you!
Although this type of cancer is already becoming a common threat to many, information about mesothelioma has been limited making those who are prone to it or the victims themselves unaware about those essential information worth knowing.
I think Paul Kraus' book entitled "Surviving Mesothelioma" : A Patient's Guide is truly a great help for those who really need it. This book is free and is highly recommended for those who are diagnosed with this disease. Here, you would be able to witness on how Paul Kraus (the author) had struggled to survive the disease and managed to outlive his prognosis of one year.
Take note however that the book is not intended as a cure for this type of cancer. It only serves as a guide and a resourceful information about conventional treatments, alternative approaches, etc.
But don't lose hope! The book will serve to inspire you and probably become a survivor as well.

Handling a Bad Reference

Maybe you would want to ask if it will just be okay not to add a boss that you can't get along on your list of references. Don't worry, it won't look odd if you don't add the boss you can't get along with. Interpersonal conflicts are normal.

The absence of one's boss name in your reference list doesn't matter, as long as there are at least 2 people who will review you favorably. According to Barbara Corcoran, an author and a real estate contributor to NBC, what's most important is where you worked, what was your position and for how long.
If you don't have enough on-the-job references, include volunteer work contacts or even a professional mentor. Be sure to call them ahead of time for their permission, and ask them as well whether they prefer to be contacted by phone or email.
If possible, ask for recommendation letters while you're still on the job and their easier to get. it's also a good idea to check in with your references from time to time. People moving on, changed titles and phone numbers should be on the look out. Inaccurate details is a bad impression on a potential employer.
If you will be asked about your boss you don't get along with on your interviews, don't say anything negative! Just say you "didn't have great chemistry."
Your interviewer will understand the short hand and credit you with professionalism.

Happy job hunting :).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Tutors Online!

What more can be the most convenient and the fastest help you can have but getting them at Tutor Vista. They have hundreds of tutors available online and ready to help.
If you specifically need Math help, you can directly connect with an online tutor that is available for you 24x7.

If you are having hassles with Algebra, then you can get Algebra help with their expert tutors as well. How I wish Tutor Vista has already been here way back in the early 80's, lol! I could probably one of the students online because I admit, I'm not that good with numbers :(.

And oh, you can only not learn basic concepts about Math or Algebra, but the expert tutors can do some homework help for you as well. How cool is that?
You can try their live chat with tutor on their homepage instantly as you visit their website. The fact that there are already over 5 million live tutoring sessions being served, you won't miss any tutoring service once you go online.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warning Facts About Tanning

A fake-tan done well is flattering, but constant exposure to sunlight or tanning bed/saloons can cause more harm than not.

World Health Organization reports revealed that tanning beds are toxic. It's being misunderstood by most that tanning beds are safer than the sunlight. Those who start using tanning devices before age 30 increase their risk to melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, by 75%.

Any unprotected sunlight isn't good, because any ultraviolet light damages the skin's DNA giving you wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer.

Wear sunblock everyday, even if it's cloudy. Use at least an SPF 30 if you're fair and SPF 15 if you're darker.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wii Fit, Is It Worth It?

According to the American Council on Exercise, they have released a study claiming that a Ninetendo's Wii Fit home fitness produces "underwhelming results." Its most taxing 30-minute workout like Advanced Step and Free Islan Run were found to burn about 100-160 calories, way fewer thany any good exercise DVD does.

So, Wii is fun to play, but don't expect to shed any serious pounds!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Watch Out for Foreclosure Rip-Offs!

Scammers can pose for a "rescue and refinance fraud" technique, who act as go-betweens for you and the lender, take your "upfront" money, and advise you to stop talking to your lender.

Watch out for fake "government" modification programs. The scammers use sites similar to federal agencies just to tempt you where they ask you to pay a fee. After receiving your check, they disappear.

The rent-to-buy schemes are also rampant. Here, home owners are lured to transfer property titles to scammers as part of a refinancing deal. The owners will then become long-term renters, but high fees inevitably lead to home loss.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cameras For Hire!

Since I travel frequently, I've learned the hobby of capturing photos to many beautiful places. I've been actually yearning to get a Canon camera because of its amazing qualities when it comes to photos, but buying it (for now) is expensive!
So I thought it would be a good idea to consider a camera hire for my next trip. I suppose it should be a trip to a place where a lot of good photos can be taken.
If only I had known earlier before I got married, I should have done a video camera hire with Camerent as well, LOL! But anyway, this is a good recommendation to other friends who are planning to get married :). Or to others who just plainly want to take good qualities of videos anywhere else.
Camerent which offers cameras for hire is such a good place to depend on for photo emergency needs. Photo enthusiasts who are also interested for canon lens hire can do it here. And why not? You can even learn the techniques of good photography in choosing the best lens for your camera.