Monday, August 30, 2010

The Best (and Worst) Things You Should Say (and not Say) To a Girl

Always Say:
  • "Do anything fun today?" This helps her find her passion.
  • "That was a brave thing to do." - We should stand up and cheer for someone or something they believe in. After all, it's the mark of the leader :).
  • "Let's go for a run." - can gain her mood and self-image. An exercise also gives her confidence in her body's strength.
  • "You can be anything; don't have to be everything." - "you go girl" is always a great message, but she also needs to be aware when and if she wants to, she can slow down.
  • "Yum!!!" - teach her to enjoy her food and not battle it.
  • "Just know I'm here. No pressure. No judgement." - this helps her to know she can turn to and trust someone, even if she doesn't end up doing so.
  • "Well-behaved women seldom make history." If she wants to break the rule sometimes, you have her back.
Never Say:
  • "I feel fat." Beware of saying this. If she sees you hating your body, she may learn to loathe others.
  • "You're young. You'll get over it." - Although it doesn't matter, the hut doesn't make it sting less. Ask how you can help instead.
  • "Men suck." - Bashing just feeds an us-versus-them mentality.
  • "Sure you want to eat right?" - Don't let her think that everything she puts in her mouth is fodder for scrutiny.
  • "Paris is such a slut." - Trashing women teaches girls to be mean. Research suggests that talking with girls about female politicians can help them aspire leadership roles.
  • "Guys won't like you if you..." - It's never good to change to "get" a guy. Tell her the right one will like ever crazy, quirky thing about her.