Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boost Your Productivity

I believe in the thought, - "work smarter, not harder." A few tweaks in you attitude can help you be perceived as effective instead of exhausted.

Pay attention as to when you become most productive which helps you manage your schedule better. Use this day to do complicated tasks. During times that you feel less alert, catch up on emails or do tasks that require less brain power.

Lessen interruptions. A lot of it can chip away at productivity. You might wanna try confabbing with your colleagues only at lunch time. That way, you'll stay on task and get projects done.

Eliminate stress by taking time to organize. Filing emails or letters in a folder means saving an hour of frantic searching in the future.

Keep an eye on major looming projects even if they are months off early. Try spending doing prep work to avoid future crush. Your initiative can impress your higher - ups.