Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mesothelioma Challenge

Mesothelioma Cancer seems to be a growing case for many people affected by it. I hear and see them on the news, and read about them from various articles on books and even online.
It must have been depressing and shocking to those who have been diagnosed, particularly if it's a family member or the worst, - you!
Although this type of cancer is already becoming a common threat to many, information about mesothelioma has been limited making those who are prone to it or the victims themselves unaware about those essential information worth knowing.
I think Paul Kraus' book entitled "Surviving Mesothelioma" : A Patient's Guide is truly a great help for those who really need it. This book is free and is highly recommended for those who are diagnosed with this disease. Here, you would be able to witness on how Paul Kraus (the author) had struggled to survive the disease and managed to outlive his prognosis of one year.
Take note however that the book is not intended as a cure for this type of cancer. It only serves as a guide and a resourceful information about conventional treatments, alternative approaches, etc.
But don't lose hope! The book will serve to inspire you and probably become a survivor as well.