Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoying Vacation at the Beach

As much as we deserve a good vacation, we always wanted that much deserving escapade to be full of cherished memories, fun and captivating sceneries ;).
I recently checked http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com and just by looking at their oceanfront views accommodations is simply awesome! I heard of so many recommendations to visit Myrtle beach. I haven't been there yet, and perhaps, it should be worth planning on our next trip with my husband. We both love the beach and the outdoors!
Booking online for a Myrtle Beach Hotel like Horizon at 77th is surprisingly captivating talking of good amenities and yet with a reasonable price! Thanks for helping me look into expedia about this as well. That would lead me to where it is, LOL!
Although Horizon at 77th is still a brand new resort, I can see and feel that it can be one of those Myrtle Beach best hotels in the area. I can't make my actual review about the place yet. I still have to see and visit the place, just so it could be fair enough to give a review. It might be too soon! :).