Friday, August 20, 2010

Stock footage

Have you checked what's happening lately at If you are a video maker, or are in commercial advertising, or if you are a smaller scale film maker looking for an inexpensive way to add professional quality special effects to your project, you probably already know about Revostock. If you don't know about them, consider this your lucky day. Revostock has a great variety of media Stock footage, stock video clips and stock audio clips, and after affects software, projects, and templates at very reasonable prices. They have a great selection of motion graphics after effects templates that are downloadable and customizable starting at $10.00 for presets, elements/Logos; $20.00 for commercials (pro) and $50.00 for commercials (elite). These motion graphics after effects will make your graphics dynamic and visually more stimulating, adding depth and life. You can simply refine searches for your stock video clips according to category, editor's choice or by producer. They have a great selection of audio clips and sound effects such as animals and body sounds, and you will find music to suit whatever mood your project needs. The after effects software is a great boon to the editing process and can be used to turn flat objects into 3-D shapes and isolate foreground elements from the background. Revostock also sells product bundles which combine video and audio clips and can be had for up to 50% off! That's big savings, don't you think? Just imagine getting such a vast selection of effects products from one website. If you are interested in selling your professional quality stock media you can earn at least 45 - 60%. Check out the website weekly for a look at their weekly freebie.