Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Cope With Competition

If your parents are pushing you too hard, speak up. Parents can be clueless because they probably don't have any idea that they are applying pressures on you.
Keep lines of communication open, and if they deny it, and communications aren't working, talk to your counselor or any teacher you're comfortable with at school. Don't bottle up your stress.

If any of your plans didn't go through, it's not the end of the world although it's but just normal to feel sad. Have a back up plan, then put it into action if everything didn't work. It's always good to have alternative options.

You're only human and you are prone to stress! A typical teen student needs at least 9 hours of sleep at night to be productive. Any less than that and you're seriously affecting your short and long term memory. So, take a good rest the good way.

Be healthy. Drinking and drugs don't help in dealing with competition. Find smarter ways to work with it like sports or meditation or volunteering. Turn your energy positively outward.