Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Property Management Software

Are you a manager running rental properties and finding much hassle organizing your daily property tasks? You might want to visit , and know more about this powerful Property Management Software. If you are still having doubts about gettting one, feel free to get a 60-day free trial to onsite Property Manager. It's so easy to use, secure, web-based, multi-user software for landlords. Give it a try and you won't regret.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Blog Is Pinned Down By PPP!

Okay, so perhaps this would at least give me the chance to update and post a non-paid post. I must admit, this blog has gone a long way when it comes to too much paid posts and commercial ads. So, PPP said it's no longer of high quality and they are now crossing it from their marketplace. Fine, whatever they want to do! Afterall, they don't even tell you the exact standards as to how they see blogs with high quality. My first blog run by wordpress was rejected. This is the second one....

As long as advertisers grow increasingly large, bloggers that accept offers will grow s well. If PPP thinks that paid posts in blog posts are not of "high quality" and doesn't attract readers to read your blog, why should they accept advertisers in the first place? They shouldn't be existing now if that's the case! That would mean, they are the carriers of a "virus" that makes blog not worthy of reading....ADVERTISERS!!! No offense meant to the advertisers/sponsors (particularly from PPP). If these advertisers complain that many blogs are no longer of high quality, do you think your sponsored ads offers to us bloggers are worth reading? Tell me!!!***

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Acobay Mania?

Hello guys, there's a new consumer social network called Acobay which pretty much promotes anything you want to share including your blogs. I tried signing up and registered one of my blogs there. I just joined few minutes ago, so let's see how everything goes :). Try it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Unapproved Blog!

Call me persistent...and I would agree. I tried submitting my blog Shopaholic Babe at PPP many times and they rejected it many times too. Everytime it is rejected, it has different reasons. I don't want to elaborate each reasons they gave me, but I just got tired resubmitting it so I gave up. Sounds rediculous that they are telling me they don't want any banner ads there, and yet the PPP banners are eveywhere!!! Paid bloggers are everywhere, check their blogs and PPP is always present. Nothing I can do :(.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Savings Escapade

The aftermath of the holiday seasons was very tough and tiring, don't you think? The pre-Christmas preparations to Christmas parties plus the New Year big-bang parties are nerve wracking too! Whew! Everybody deserves a good relaxation and a quiet vacation for that, right? Are you planning for a winter vacation and yet your budget couldn't just let you go? It's time for you to check Hilton Branson in Missouri for their "Branson Winter Escape" offer. This package is good starting February 1-9, 2009, so be sure to visit the Hilton Branson Escape Package and you can make your quick and easy reservations online. Rooms during those given dates will be as low as $66.75 per night so it's budget-friendly :).
The Hilton Branson Convention Center hotel is situated just right to most places where everybody would enjoy. If you are a nature lover traveller, this is where the most ideal place to stay. If you prefer to do your shopping or have fun during night time, you can still do so as well.
I am a traveller and I love nature. It's good to know there are good places to visit in Branson such as Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake. My husband and I both love the theaters as well, while outlet malls are my weaknesses!...LOL! And who doesn't love the beauty of the night there? I would definitely not miss Celebration City at night. And the best thing is that these places are very much conveniently located just minutes away from Hilton Branson. I was thinking, these places are much more fun than the botanical gardens and the zoo we visited in St. Louis two years ago! I consider this a good idea worth suggesting to a trip for our pre-Valentine celebration! Oh, and by the way, we are regular customers of Hilton too! :). Need I say more?'s probably my best pre-Valentine celebration all my life.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free Wi-Fi? Where Are They?

Everytime I travel, I carry with me my small laptop. I do most of my work stuffs online, so I feel like I always have to be connected from time to time. But I have been noticing lately that too many airports no longer offer free wi-fi. Couple of years ago, I use to have stop overs, or just while waiting for my boarding time in the airport, and I have access to many free wi-fi's. My pc automatically detects free -wi-fi that are accessible, so that everytime I work online, I can just easily surf conveniently.
Nowadays, what the heck happened? There are big wi-fi logos in many airports only to know later they require your credit card. If not, they have internet booths and charge you 50 cents per minute!!! What? I couldn't even name any airports that provide free wi-fi's (yet).
Is this the effect of the world economic crisis? Gosh...who the hell would think about doing a business of charging internet service in a world where economy is going down?

{{{{end of rant}}}}