Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Blog Is Pinned Down By PPP!

Okay, so perhaps this would at least give me the chance to update and post a non-paid post. I must admit, this blog has gone a long way when it comes to too much paid posts and commercial ads. So, PPP said it's no longer of high quality and they are now crossing it from their marketplace. Fine, whatever they want to do! Afterall, they don't even tell you the exact standards as to how they see blogs with high quality. My first blog run by wordpress was rejected. This is the second one....

As long as advertisers grow increasingly large, bloggers that accept offers will grow s well. If PPP thinks that paid posts in blog posts are not of "high quality" and doesn't attract readers to read your blog, why should they accept advertisers in the first place? They shouldn't be existing now if that's the case! That would mean, they are the carriers of a "virus" that makes blog not worthy of reading....ADVERTISERS!!! No offense meant to the advertisers/sponsors (particularly from PPP). If these advertisers complain that many blogs are no longer of high quality, do you think your sponsored ads offers to us bloggers are worth reading? Tell me!!!***