Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free Wi-Fi? Where Are They?

Everytime I travel, I carry with me my small laptop. I do most of my work stuffs online, so I feel like I always have to be connected from time to time. But I have been noticing lately that too many airports no longer offer free wi-fi. Couple of years ago, I use to have stop overs, or just while waiting for my boarding time in the airport, and I have access to many free wi-fi's. My pc automatically detects free -wi-fi that are accessible, so that everytime I work online, I can just easily surf conveniently.
Nowadays, what the heck happened? There are big wi-fi logos in many airports only to know later they require your credit card. If not, they have internet booths and charge you 50 cents per minute!!! What? I couldn't even name any airports that provide free wi-fi's (yet).
Is this the effect of the world economic crisis? Gosh...who the hell would think about doing a business of charging internet service in a world where economy is going down?

{{{{end of rant}}}}