Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tips For Choosing Your Best Pastel-Colored Jeans

Are you fond of using light colored-jeans, and yet you are not sure how good does it fit you, or you're not sure what type of cut is good for you? The following might help you as a guide ;).

If you have a curvy rear; - choose jeans with contoured waistline, - higher in the back than in front.

If you have a boyish figure; - get a super-stretch material which enhances your curves and never gets baggy.

If you have a pear shape; - look for an extra-hold shapewear fabric which is designed to make your bottom half look a whole size smaller.

Light colored jeans should be worn sleek and simple. Avoid contrast stitching and go for short or false front pockets. Back pockets should start at the outer edge of your cheeks and are as big as your hand because they look more bum-friendly!