Wednesday, September 1, 2010

12 Things in Life Never to Take For Granted

  1. Your right to vote.
  2. Random mornings you wake up happy and actually rested.
  3. Love, even if it's coming from your parents.
  4. Your body (no matter what the weight is).
  5. Male upper-body strength. It's okay to be a feminist, but that couch ain't gonna move itself.
  6. The bliss of vacation sex! ;). Don't conk out early on a hotel bed!
  7. The invitation's RSVP line. They're asking nicely-and in French! - so re'pondez-vous :).
  8. Your digital photos. Save them all.
  9. You don't need to call tech support 10 time zones away every day.
  10. That they would always make your favorite bra. Buy in volume! :)
  11. Your fertile years.
  12. That great day who never takes you for granted.