Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moves to Make When Picking Health Benefits

First, choose the right plan. Don't default to your current plan; - instead compare co-pays, premiums and deductibles for each option and estimate out of pocket costs. If you go with a high deductible plan, open a health savings account, which lets you put up to $6,150 the next year in a pretax account that you can tap for medical expenses.

Fund your flexible spending account. Contribute the amount you spent out of pocket last year on deductibles, co-pays and drugs, up to the max that your firm allows.

Most companies have programs to help employees get and stay healthy, so they may ask you to fill out an assessment of your health status and behavior.
So, fill out form, responses are confidential, so it's very unlikely you'll encounter problems later by admitting that you're say diabetic. It's good to review your own health information and if you can nab a reward, all the better! ;).