Saturday, September 25, 2010

Easy Ways to Escape & Relax

You actually don't need to  go away from home, and spend money for relaxation. You might just want to check on these ideas for an at-home getaway that can be peaceful and true to your style;

Natural light is the best. Try to find a window in your home where you could build your space around. Put dimmer switches on overhead fixtures and lamps, and light candles for a warm glow, - even during daylight.

Put perfume in the air lightly like calming jasmine, invigorating ginger, or a scent laced with hints of vanilla. Avoid distracting scents, like very sweet smells or potent floral fragrances.

There should be no room for techy gadgets, so hide away all cell phones, blackberries and iphones. Instead, create a soft music to camouflage unavoidable outside sounds and help you relax into your respite.

Take snacks when you want to nibble on a real dinnerware plate which reminds you to savor the food in the same way you're relishing in-and respecting - these moments alone.

Color your mood; - try soothing colors of shades of violet, indigo and green. Energizing colors such as red, orange, yellow and blue, while gray is a neutral that works anywhere, since it's both grounding and calming.

Add a touch of luxury like choosing the softest throw, the coziest rug or the plushest towels you can find.