Monday, September 13, 2010

Drafting an Effective Complaint Letter

Instead of whining, why not start writing? An effective complaint letter has some vital factors to consider in order to get results. First, begin with the date, your name and address, phone number and email. Address the highest ranking personnel, like the manager, the owner, supervisor, etc. If it involves a product of a store, include info such as date, time, store location, model number, price and employee ID. Identify and tell the problem. You might say "I am disappointed because a heel breaking after 3 months shows poor quality." So, explain the item malfunction or the manager's attitude being disrespectful, etc... Tell your idea resolution like "I want to return the shoes for a refund; "I want your company to complete the work without cost", etc. Also, send a copy of receipt, warranty or cancelled check. Require an immediate response. if they are still unresponsive within 30 days, write them again and forward a copy to the Better Business Bureau. You can find locations at bbb dot org :).