Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smart Tips to Enhance Your Career

Not everybody can be so smart enough on how they could get a step forward to enhance their career. The following guide might help:
  1. network your way to success by joining professional organizations, seminars or workshops, joining social networking sites for business like Linkedin and reach out to people you already know.
  2. Keep a positive attitude at work, willing to take extra tasks and keep your skills sharp and updated. Try to take a relevant class if possible and stay informed by reading about your field in magazines and online.
  3. If you've been laid off, or expecting to be, it could be your opportunity  for change. Research for jobs that might be recession-proof like nursing, teaching, accounting, software design, social work, etc...Also, try considering cities that offer more job choices such as Atanta, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C.
  4. If you have someone you know at work that you admire or someone you know through your circle of church, let her know how much you respect her. Ask for guidance regarding your career. Most professionals admit they would not be where they are in their careers without being mentored by someone else.