Monday, September 13, 2010

How To Approach a celebrity Correctly

They say there's nothing wrong approaching a famous star or celebrity if you do it correctly. I agree!

According to Gigi Grazer, a screenwriter, here are some approaches that might work.

If you find yourself seated next to a celebrity at a party or a plane, etc., introduce yourself at the appropriate interval, as you would with anyone else. Then, remember the 3 golden rules; - don't pitch them, don't tell them how much they resemble a relative, a family or a friend, and never make a bodily contact.

If you happen to see them involving circumstances that are sweaty, such as in a yoga class, jogging or running on a treadmill, don't approach them. Likewise, do the same if they are having dinner with their family, and wait until they leave the restaurant.

Don't demand more time with the celebrity. Most of them are more than gracious, because they appreciate their position. Even famous people need to get on with their day.

If you want an autograph or a photo souvenir with them, ask politely at the very end of your interaction (never at the beginning), thank them, and then make a quick exit once they comply.

That's what we call etiquette! :).