Friday, May 10, 2013

Kaspersky Tablet Security For Samsung Galaxy

Last week, PC downstairs showed that KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) is expiring in a few days! I trust KIS so much, and all my laptops and PC's are KIS-protected.
So, it was time to renew, and ultimately upgraded the PC to Kaspersky Pure for a better...amazing features! {wink}.

Another option on the upgrade was an additional CD or electronic download  for Kaspersky Tablet Security, and I was like...wait a minute, I definitely need this for my Samsung Galaxy 2.0. I didn't even know that this exists for tablets. 

I was a bit apprehensive downloading it on my tablet since in the first attempt, it hanged up. I used an electronic download for this one, and the back up CD came later from the mail. It was like...what if this won't work on the tablet, and it was quite a bit pricey.  But with the second attempt, it finally went through. Whew! My money was worth spending afterall!

Now, it relieves me thinking about my tablet's security while I surf online. Really, it picks up bad links most of the times. Good thing there are only few annoying spywares that came, and no virus! KIS of course screened those bad links and threw it all away ;).

Now, tablet is squeakingly clean! ;)