Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Happy Feet!

I usually get my shoes online. It is not only convenient but I can be a lazy bum most of the time ;)....and, I can easily find my right size that easy online. But there are few instances wherein I had to give 2 pairs of shoes to the goodwill last year because they are hurting my feet. The other pair gave me blisters...ouch!

I saved one pair because it is one of my favorite. The fitting is perfect but the only downside of it is that I get backache wearing this one. My husband suggested I might be needing cushioned insoles which can be bought in the store. It actually works after getting a pair on my shoes.

Now, I know where I can depend on to when I need one. You get the best deals online...look spenco shoe inserts and you can see all choices depending on what type of comfort you need for your shoes.