Friday, October 18, 2013

My Samsung Galaxy S4

So, finally I was able to get the S4 from Samsung. Right after pulling it out fresh from the box on the day it arrived from the mail, I took photos on its various angles including the box...( I love the color design of the box, by the way).
This is a delayed guilty as charged! LOL! As you can see the date marked on the photos, that was the date I actually received the phone. So, it was 5 months ago. So sorry that I am a bit way backlog about this, but better late than never at all ;).

I actually didn't buy this phone because I badly need was out of curiosity that led me to get one, due to feedbacks I frequently hear and read from the news, telling that it is now the top phone used by many, some says it's now the no. 1 phone, surpassing the iphone,....blah, blah! I couldn't say anything about those without actually having one, so here it is.
Of course, with those features that the iphone didn't (and couldn't) have were the strong points that S4 became increasingly more popular, with a cheaper price.

So now being an S4 user (officially), - I love the dual camera mode in taking photos with its front and rear cameras while taking photos two scenes at once. 

There are more camera features it has comparing it to the iphone such as the drama shot, the sound and shot mode, and the phone's ability to create a media and story album, right directly from the phone. Honestly, I haven't tried using all of these features yet, particularly the air gesture command features. I tried the smart scroll feature one time, but it made me dizzy reading online stuff, so that didn't impress me much.

One purpose that I got S4 was because I can play and edit photos the way I want it since the device is equipped with many photo settings. (although the most recent IOS update for iphones has now been added with more photo setting choices as well.)
Second, I can extend more storage space with its built-in microSD slot. While iphones would depend from icloud for extra storage space, it is still limited unless you are willing to pay a subscription service to get more storage from icloud.
But still I would be always at a high risk of malwares using the S4 once I am online. Luckily, I was able to purchase and downloaded Kaspersky anti-virus software for mobile security (Android).

I don't find the group play convenient for me as well. I do download games sometimes, but I don't like share plays at all. I do play solitary games for past times only.

It would be nice sharing the complete features of S4, but that would be a long post. Another thing is,- there are more of its features that I haven't tried using yet.

Until now, I still find the S4's interface more cluttered too. S4 can have tons of amazing features in a cheaper price but with lots of buttons and icons to push, touch and swipe, it sometimes lead to confusion that I would end up going back and forth, making the task much time wasting and search longer. Iphone's interface is much more clean and organized. Easier to find what you are looking for, and thus much faster to finish whatever you want to do.

So, and still. the reason why I am currently using my iphone as my primary contact device. 
But since I travel a lot, S4 is definitely one good back-up to use when I travel out of the country because I bought an unlocked one.

There is no bad phone so long as it does its purpose! ;)