Sunday, October 13, 2013

How To Handle Your Mail Pile - Fast!

Before tossing your junk mails, be sure you're not exposing all high risk documents that would end up on you, - being a victim of ID theft.

Get the habit of having a shredder or a recycle bin nearby while sorting your mails and choose what to toss and shred.

If you need to clean up old documents and need to let them go, such as old credit cards and receipts, bank statements, or any documents containing your social security number,...any legal stuff, shred them!

Instead of opting to receive bank statements from the mail, you might just try to go paperless such as setting up your online accounts with your banks and  sign up for electronic statements instead.

If you receive a lot of junk mails, request for a removal of your name from the mailing list such as those from marketing materials, catalogs, credit card and bank saving offers and applications, etc...

One site that can probably help will be or you can search for more online.