Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is Your Backyard Tick-Free?

Did you know that most ticks lurk in the woods and woods line? So, make sure you make a 3-ft. wide barrier of wood chips, gravel or mulch between woods and lawn, - this helps isolate them, especially if you have a huge backyard.

Leave at least 9 feet of unused lawn inside the perimeter barrier. Most ticks tend to stay in this area.
Ticks love to stay in the shade, so free your lawn from leaf piles and keep your grass short.

Be sure firewood piles are away from your yard, because mice (they carry ticks) mostly like to build their homes in firewood piles. Set your bird feeder away from the center of your yard which can lessen your risk. Birds can also carry ticks as well as mice and deer which eat on fallen seeds.

Play equipments should be placed within the 9-ft. zone and put wood chips under it.

If you hae vegetable garden in your yard, put a deer-proof fence on your entire yard. Be sure you have flowers that are deer-resistant. Ask your nursery plant assistant if you need help getting one.

A deck or patio can help you avoid ticks on the lawn.

So, don't get bitten! Tick-proof your backyard.