Monday, November 18, 2013

Guide To Mums - For Beginners

As you know, mums are one of fall's favorite flower ;).

Follow these steps;

Check plant tags and cross-reference with already opened blooms so you can maximize bloom time. Start buying plants as they start to break bud, usually when night temps drop, (around mid-September).

You can actually save more by choosing darker shades like bronze and burgundy. They also look better longer. Same is true for mums with double, as opposed to single, daisy-like blooms.

Buy the bigger plant...what you see is what you get! They thrive perfectly in the sun, but if you're planning to compost them once show is over, it's okay to bend the rule ;).
Choose soil that is moist but never wet. When it's cooler, check it at least every other day, and do check it daily when weather is warm.

Fertilizers are not necessary. Remove the faded blooms to give way for more buds to open and you'll have that perfect color you always love. :)