Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rabbit TV!

Have you tried this one? 
While I and my husband was shopping in a department store, there was a small shelf in a corner which says "As seen on TV products", so out of curiosity, we didn't mind taking a look around. So, I saw this one on the shelf, so I thought I want to try it. It was worth 10 bucks, so not bad, since the features seem to be good.

I installed the RabbitTV into my laptop's USB port and installation was a breeze. Just follow the simple instructions and you're good to go thereafter :).

You can then watch a lot of TV channels and movies direct from your computer. But do take note that this only works with a high speed internet access. So, be sure you have your own internet access at home or wherever you may want it to play. 
I only tried this once, when I tried searching one of my TV regular show that I missed one time, and indeed I saw it there. Episodes are there as well, so you can never miss any show if ever you haven't watched one of  the episodes in a certain day.

On the package it says there are 5,000 free TV internet channels you can watch, but I haven't counted! So, I guess, what you see is what you get when you read its features.

The only thing you have to take note though; - the package only comes with a free 1 year subscription service. So, if you love the service, and you want to continue it for another year, you have to pay $10. They have 5 years subscription service as well for $9/year.

I think this deal will be worth it for those who are movie and TV fanatics, as well as for those who are music lovers! Yes, it can also pick up radio stations, so expect to hear tons of music as well. Quite an awesome deal if you are on a tight budget I guess. You only pay as long as you want, that simple!

Not bad! I still have more than halfway of a year to enjoy it. So, I am taking the chance right now ;).