Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Memory Hive - A Review! ;)

When it comes to productivity apps, you can see me using tons of those from the Appstore. ;) I am really big on trying apps such as journal apps or online diary apps that I can use ideally to store my multimedia and at the same time can use them to store my journal posts. Of course, I am also big on the privacy and security issues, so consider me kinda choosy, but I have probably a lot on my ipad and iphone several apps now because you know the fact that you can't give any feedback unless you try them, right?

Okay, so I got memory hive, and so far my favorite. The first time I downloaded this app, there was some kind of storage issues I sent to the developer. It was surprising that my concern was responded promptly and willingly fixed the issue. (Thanks Kent.)
As a token of appreciation for letting them know about the storage issue not posted on the appstore, I was given a free 500MB to use in addition to the free storage that is already provided, so now, I have 1Gb ;)...sweet!

I got it for .99cents, and with the price, it is more than worth it for the outstanding features that I have been looking.
With it, you can already store your photos and videos. You can post multiple photos (or videos) in each memory or post you are making.

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive 
Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

One big feature I like most is the privacy issues, so this one is set to 100% privacy by default, but you can choose to share yours in public if you want. It also gives you the ease of sharing all your memories without any pressure of  adding friends or connecting to other people, but it is easy sharing it through facebook! 

Another outstanding feature...if you accidentally deleted your app on your phone, you won't lose your data because they are automatically synced or backed up instantly to its website online, (, whenever you post your memories  Once you have this app, you will automatically be obliged to create an account to login. So that you can even use it online on your regular PC if you need to. 

Download it with ease on your iphone, ipad, ipod 2nd-4th generations. Not sure if this app is available for android users, but I tried searching it on the Google Play and Samsung Apps...not there! Let me know if it's there, I probably need it for my Galaxy tab :).

Want to add storage space? It's gonna be $9.99 for another 500MB  remote storage for one year, expensive...yes!!! But I still love the features. :))

Anyway, just sharing! It would help others who need a journal app for storage of memories they don't want to forget.