Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free Movie Downloader For Android?

As usual, I am still having a hard time working on my S Galaxy Tab 2, this time finding some good apps to watch free downloaded movies which I can use to watch even when I am off line. With hundreds and even thousands of apps out on the Google play store, I haven't even found any good ones yet.

Recently, I was able to get one from the play store called BitTorrent app. I usually read reviews as well as check on the download frequencies before I install certain apps on my tablets. It had a lot of positive reviews on it, and has more than 5 million downloads, so I thought of giving it a try.

After the installation, I followed all the instructions for the movie downloads, and luckily it was working. There are some things I noticed during the downloads though. First, the downloads are not that smooth, and get stuck at the it just stops. It is slow. I have to wait overnight or some hours before download is done. So, while waiting for the download, I shifted on to my PC to work online. It was weird, but my wireless internet on my PC keeps stopping and slows down. I checked my router and it was okay. I checked my ipads and my iphone, they were reacting like my PC. (they are all wireless).

Then, I have learned that the BitTorrent app was actually messing up my wireless signals. So, I said this is not good. I already was able to download 5 movies before I was able to figure out about the messing up issues. So, I immediately uninstalled the application! My wireless signals went back to normal.

I checked the downloaded movies, and 1-2 of the movies were like pirated movies. It was just like recorded on the movie theater. It was then that I have also learned that the application doesn't filter the movie links that you can get. So that when you attempt to install BitTorrent on your Android tablet, you have to make sure you have an antivirus software installed on it. This application is highly at risk of putting a malware on your tablet if you are not careful about the movie links.

So to make the long story short(er), I didn't find any movie downloader that comes out clean and secure for my S Galaxy. As of now, I have decided to keep apps that are for movie mainstreaming purposes. The good side is that they have the apps called "Crackle" and "Viewster" where I can watch free movie anytime. Both Android and Apple got these apps so I installed them on both of my tablets (Android and Apple). The only downside for these apps is that I can't watch movies while off line.