Monday, March 4, 2013

Ipad Mini vs. Galaxy Tab. 2 - Review (Part 2)

This would be my second batch of review regarding the mentioned gadgets that I both have of course! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a blue tooth wireless keyboard  and a 32GB SanDisk flash memory card for the Galaxy 2  from Amazon. The keyboard costed to 31 bucks (way much cheaper than my Ipad's blue tooth keyboard) and the memory card costed $20.49.

This is how the keyboard looks.

The keyboard has a leather protective stand case bag cover, and the window-shaped styro is the sleeve pocket where you put the tablet. I can't complain on the casing because it's a real leather, but it obviously bulky when you want to carry it with you in a tiny purse.

Now the keyboard....
It is made of rubber that whenever you press the keys feel like you are pressing a rubber filled with air! The keys are way too small as well, that a single fingertip can press 3 keys which takes me a while to type some short paragraphs because I end up re typing errors.

Photo Comparison of Galaxy 2 and iPad 2:

Galaxy 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard
iPad 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard

The ipad keyboard costed like double the price of Galaxy. But quality wise, ipad 2 KB is way much better. The ipad keyboard acts as a cover case as well, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced protection and is sleek and slim. By the way, the iPad 2 is bigger in size than Galaxy Tab 2 of course, and the size is more or less the same with iPad mini. But the wireless keyboards of both the ipad 2 and mini are made of the same materials and quality. ;)
iPad 2 cover case and wireless blue tooth keyboard in 1.

I also bought a protective case cover for the Galaxy Tab in the Philippines, and I wouldn't quite be surprised that it was exactly copied from that of an ipad mini cover case!

Protective case for Galaxy Tab 2 (it's bulky).
I have one for my ipad mini which is colored red and exactly the same with that above. But I haven't taken a photo on that for the mini because my husband liked the iPad mini a lot, and so he decided to adopt it and made it as his!

(part 3 will be continued on the next post!)