Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Boastful!...(Without Bragging)

Who doesn't want praises? Many of us love to receive praises from others. When it comes to business etiquette   you would probably wonder why there are only a few who stands apart from other job seekers. It's probably because they know where do they put themselves in an ethical manner while at the same time, they can be aggressively keeping a boast of themselves to their employers without appearing to be bragging.

For instance, if you are on a job hunting mode, always find out what your prospective employer is interested at before you start handling your resume' out.

Instead of talking all your way about the litany of your accomplishments, just simply say; "I'm quite happy; I got my dream job!". It can serve as a positive buzz fro many without boring everyone.

No one has the time to read lengthy lists of your accomplishments. so be sure to have emails and letters that are brief and concise. One important thing to consider when it comes to posting your status or comments on a social networking sites like Facebook!; - Never announce a raise or survival of layoffs, etc...as your status update! Also, don't try to one-up people with your comments or links.

Speaking up in meetings or spending a regular business time with your superior to give your achievement updates or accomplishments is a good way to remain visible.
Cc'ing through emails about your progress will also get you noticed. Just be sure you won't be overdoing it such as avoiding cc's on every little things. In this case, don't include the boss of your boss :).

Never do name-dropping no matter how tempting. It's a serious misdemeanor!