Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook - Who Else Is Checking Your Status?

When you go into your Facebook account, what are the stuff that you share? Are you all out in the open? sharing everything? Photos on your lavish vacay with friends, status, etc...?

It was after I read an article that I stopped wondering why many job applicants deactivate their facebook accounts during their job searches.

Did you know that even that health status you post on your profile can be used against you? And health insurance companies nowadays are really scrutinizing their beneficiaries through social networking sites, (not only facebook) and unknowingly on your part, they can be that "fly on your wall"!
Yes, it's a shocking practice, but many of them do it. There are cases when they misinterpret what you share and you can end up being the "bad" person, causing them to deny you of any insurance benefit.

Just be careful about revealing any thing related to your health woes online.

Behind the hard truth is that many employers and insurance companies feel that doing this is one responsibility they have to do as a protection of themselves financially, which they believe that by using social media with their research is doing their due diligence.

Surely, you think your profile is safe but social media (like Facebook) are always changing their privacy setting defaults that can sometimes risk your hidden photos being easily become searchable online. So, be sure to check them from time to time and privacy protection works well enough so long as you use it carefully and correctly.

It's nice having a lot of friends but sharing things about yourself comes with a responsibility of knowing which ones should be shared and which ones are not.