Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Samsung Chromebook

So, finally I decided to get another net book that I could carry with me for travel. I got two laptops that I left in the Philippines since my last vacation, and I decided to leave it there for something to use when I go back.

I was eyeing to buy one that should be lightweight and doesn't occupy a lot of space in my carry on bag.

Went to Best Buy and I got Samsung Chrome, the fact that it is ultra thin and light and the price was perfectly right for my pocket ;). I got it for $216.99, not bad.

But keep in mind that this laptop does not have much of the many features that you see on a full-featured and more pricey laptop that many sell today at the computer store.
So if you want a laptop that is thin and light, ad want to use it mainly for a simple internet browsing and simple writing online, then this might be one ideal to get.

Here are some of the things you have to be aware of when buying Samsung Chrome:

  • It doesn't run with other operating system such as Windows or Mac. It is also exclusively run by Google Chrome.
  • You can't install software elements such as MS Office or Adobe Photoshop, etc...
  • There is no CD or DVD port player, but there is one USB port to connect your camera or other USB port-enabled devices. There is also an SD card slot provided just in case your camera uses SD card.

     - OS: Google Chrome
     - CPU: Exynos 5250
     - LCD: 11.6" LED HD (200nit)
     - VRAM: Shared
     - Memory: 2GB (DDR3L 800MHz)/ON BD
     - HDD: e.MMC 16GB (On Board)

It comes with a power cord, and a basic start instructions manual.

The only thing that is not good for me on this is, it doesn't have the capability to read publisher files. It can read a word doc file, but I haven't tried using it with Excel or powerpoint, so I can't tell if it works or not. I don't use power point and Excel too in my work.

Also bought a protector cover, ideal to use for protection when putting it in a bag while traveling.