Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photive Powerbank Emergency Charger

As a frequent traveler, I carry most of my gadgets with, ipod, laptop, ipad, camera, etc...I have been into that experience when my phone got run out of battery and I couldn't even find an outlet at the airport because there isn't any single free one that is not in use. So, I thought, I am not alone in having dead phone or laptop because most people in the airport are too!

Anyway, I am glad there are options. I purchased an emergency charger that I can use with my phone just in case it will turn dead again! 

Photive powerbank is compatible with most mobile phones including iphone, mp3/mp4 and even gaming device like PSP/NDS, it has a capacity of 2600 mAh and only weighs 80 grams. This is one of the important features I love with this charger because of its size and you can even put it inside your pocket, and just the size of a lipstick cover.
I already tried it with my ipod classic that hasn't been charged for a while, and charged it for an hour, and it had 90% full battery up again. I was able to play for like 30-40 minutes more and still battery was still almost full after that.

It comes with a USB cord cable. Attach your USB cord to your PC or ac adapter to charge it. You notice that there are 2 different holes on it. The smaller one at the bottom is where to connect your USB cable cord to your ac adapter  in order to charge it. The bigger hole opening is where you where you attach your USB cord to your gadget to charge your device. The round shape button-like in between these holes is a LED indicator which shows the remaining battery power of the charger. 

It also comes with an instruction manual and instructions and it is simple to easy as 1,2,3 :).

I haven't tried it with ipad or notebook. (I have ipad and Samsung galaxy tablet, but it seems it would only work best with phones and smaller devices. It also wasn't mentioned in the instructions if tablets are allowed. I don't wanna risk it. 

I no longer have to join the mob with people who are scampering around desperately to find an outlet anywhere I go. Before I go for a trip, I had to be sure my emergency charger is fully charged, enough to call people in case of emergency without worrying my phone going dead at the middle of our conversation.