Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad Habits - Get Away From It!

At times, there are those things easier to say than doing it...True!..this always goes when it comes on how to break up from bad habits, tell me you're not guilty! :)

But did you know that the key to breaking a bad habit is to fully understand it?

There are at least 3 essential step processes that might help. Of course, it might not be a complete 100% helpful for some perhaps, but these steps are the basic important steps that would help you keep moving on to the right direction.

First, start making a list of the things that trigger your impulse to indulge into the habit. Include the date and time of the day, what you were thinking about, your feelings, where you are and who are those around you. This is important to help you start seeing pattern in the cues.

Second step, - reroute your routine once you have identified the triggers and train your brain to follow with a new smarter habit. It wouldn't be as easy as it is because it takes lots of conscious efforts as you do it at first, but later on, your brain will get used to accepting the new pattern.

The third step is to get indulged moderately. You don't have to go cold turkey!

Yes, you can do it!!! :)