Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bullied At Work?

Part of protecting your job and yourself is to stand up for your rights when you are being bullied at work. Nobody deserves to go through an abusive treatment at work, no matter how tough the economic environment is.

If you feel you are one of those victims at work, get to know the best strategies for halting bullying on the job.

>Bullying (subtle forms). - If you experience the following; - be aware and face them to protect your rights.

  • reprimanding staff in public
  • inputs are being ignored
  • being excluded in meetings
  • being given unjustified feedback/reviews regarding one's performance
  • using intimidating or threatening looks.
> How to respond. - Avoid being defensive and stay cool. Let the bully knows you disagree with him/her and try to respond more fully later. Let your supervisor or HR know the complete details of what happened through email, letter or any other means, stating your concerns, the date and the circumstances as based to the applicable policies covered in the employee manual.

> How to protect your position. - Know what your employee's handbook manual is, then consult a lawyer if needed, to understand further about your rights. If you're unable to get a lawyer due to financial constraints, try calling your local bar association for information on lawyers offering pro bono assistance.

>The best tactics to fight back. - Always document everything. Keep a personal log complete with date, time, locations, names, and details for each bullying incident that happened to you.