Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preparing For The Allergy Season!

 Spring is fast approaching. And pollen can be out there anytime soon. Here are some tips that might help to soothe any irritations on your skin. I do get some allergies a lot. :(

If you have itchiness and redness;
Try using a daily serum with linoleic acid. It might help to search this product online to know where you could buy them. This product strengthens your skin's top layer keeping allergens from penetrating your skin.
Include the habit of washing your face as soon as you get home so allergens won't sit on your skin.

If you have red nose;
Sneezing and stuffiness is caused by inflamed nasal passages so frequent nose wiping irritates your skin.
The redness you're having is also probably due to dryness. If you blow your nose, do it gently and use soft, high-quality tissues. A good recommendation is to use an anti-redness moisturizer that contains niacinamide to help boost hydration and reduce inflammation.

If you have dark circles on your eyes;
Eyes can be itchy due to allergies making you rub them more often. Frequent rubbing can darken skin over time. Under eye puffiness is also caused by fluid retention.
Ask your doctor about eyedrops that may help alleviate the symptoms so you would less likely to rub. Try avoiding a lot of salt intake, drink a lot of water and sleep on your back more often to prevent eye bags. Use an eye cream with chamomille which is a natural anti-inflammatory.