Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4's Inability to Connect to Wi-Fi!

Okay, so few days ago, my Galaxy S4 was acting strangely and I noticed it wasn't connecting to my wi-fi at home. I thought it was only a minor issue, so I turned it off, removed the battery, then put it back the wi-fi came on.
Until the problem came often to the point of turning it off and removing the battery no longer works! It sucks! :(

So, I tried searching Android forums for an answer. There were lots of suggestions including those who talked about complicated technical terms, - "root your phone", - "save zip file, and download it to your phone...yabba, dabba! etc...whatever.

There were suggestions luring me to buy different names of softwares as well. Those things who want to make business, it was a great opportunity, don't you think?
There was also a video that showed downloading a wi-fi manager on my phone from the play store, so on and forth! I found it useless and unsensible at can I download the stuff, if in the first place, the phone couldn't connect to a wi-fi? Forget that!

There were more complicated suggestions like upgrading my router, or changing the channels. I don't have any single clue of what are those techy terms as they become deeper as I continue reading the steps. So, I gave up. Besides, I don't think my router was the problem because all my IOS devices have strong wi-fi signals and were all working in excellent conditions.

The last thing came up in my mind when somebody mentioned about resetting the phone. So, I did. I just had to back up m contacts to my SIM card prior to resetting. There were no important photos in my gallery, so I let them go!

Hah! That did the trick! The phone went back to its default factory settings. And the wi-fi came back as strong as ever! :). The interface looked even cleaner after the reset, which is much better looking to me! This is one thing I didn't like with Android phones about their cluttered interface. Lots of menus to go through and keys to press, etc.
It was all about its camera features that I can't put down this phone. ;).

I use two Iphones, and 3 ipads and they never had problems such as this kind of glitch!
Well, there are no perfect smart phones, that I know. IOS devices such as iphones/ipads have their downs too, but having both an android phone and IOS smart phones perfectly fill up each other's downside features!

So far, I've solved the problem, and that's what matters most. :)