Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Conduct an Effective Business Lunch

A successful business personality knows how to get work done in any restaurant. As long as you have the right strategy and approach.

  • Begin and end the lunch with a firm handshake because you don't want to put out a limp hand.
  • Choose restaurants that are conducive to talking, so avoid trendy ones as they are often too dark and noisy.
  • Wise choice of foods is also a vital consideration. As much as possible, no drinking of alcohol at lunchtime, then choose something that can be eaten simply, NOT to the point when you all end up slurping oysters! :)
  • It's okay to have chit chats a bit then be always very direct to switch back the conversation business and say like " so, tell me what you're interested in doing" or "what is it we can do for you?"
  • If the lunch is getting tense, try injecting some humor.