Monday, July 28, 2014

My Search for an Ipad Air's (longer) Lightning Cable!

So, two months ago, I thought of putting my Ipad Air within my reach close to my bed so that I could read before sleeping. Sometimes, I do my work searches online while on bed too, so I wouldn't miss my favorite TV program. The only thing annoying is that the cable is too short for it to reach the bed from the charging outlet. The longest lightning cable from Apple store is 2 meters.

Then, I thought of buying one online for 8 meters long. Price wasn't bad, so I was happy when I saw one.

I also bought one for my Iphone 4S with the regular cable with the same length. After 3 weeks of use, the lightning cable no longer works! I discovered after I upgraded my Ipad Air's IOS, that was the time I discovered it no longer works! It was upsetting.
So, just a word of advice for Apple couldn't just rely using non-Apple product accessories with your gadgets because it would only be a waste of money. 

I went to the Apple store and told them my experience about it, and they told me the only recommended product they have is Belkin for accessories...cable, casings, etc. I asked them if they have longer than 2 meters, but they don't have one. Ugh!

So, I didn't have any choice but to buy the cable. Why couldn't they make a longer one, if they wouldn't even recommend other non Apple products in the market? They just so overly cautious with their products, but they are always slow in making some more accessories for their products for longer charging cables, or probably longer battery life! These are just accessories, but it could be a big deal for many customers who need one.
Just my opinion!...