Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Painting Your Nails Dark?

Courtesy photo from Pinterest
While dark manicure colors can sometimes be unforgiving for many, they can also be fun, but be sure to exercise a little extra care making sure your nails stay flawless-looking!

Most dark colors can work with any skin tone, so basing on your kind of mood, you can choose your color as a guide. As much as possible, choose an opaque formula that can be saturated with one coat which can make it less likely to chip for a longer time.

Maintain nails square and short, with slightly rounded know, long, dark nails look creepy! :)) Take care of them with soft buffing pad to smoothen them. Always apply an anti-yellowing basecoat and let dry for at least 20 seconds to avoid staining.

Dark manicured nails can be easily noticed for ragged cuticles, so use moisturizers with a cuticle cream or oil. 
Also, reapply topcoat every 4 days to help protect your manicure.

To remove polish, use a cotton ball with nonacetone remover by pressing on your cuticle for at least 3 seconds, then wipe toward the end of the nail. Use a straight up and down motion technique for a lesser mess.