Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hit "Unfriend" - And You'll Get Happier!

According to a recent study from Spain, it found out that people with a very large number of friends in Facebook felt they are less satisfied with their lives after reading their friends' status updates. Based on the study, these subjects applied to those who have more than 354 friends on their list. Well, it doesn't mean this applies to everybody else. But majority does.

According to the study author Dilney Goncalves, PhD, "Facebook gives an unrealistically positive view of others' lives." It points out that the more friends you have on your list, the more braggy posts you see, increasing your sense of view that other people are better off than you.
If you seem to be feeling like this, perhaps it's time to use your judgement to unsubscribe or "unfriend" from contacts who do not make you happy.

Just say "farewell show-offs"...simple as that.
Problem solved! :)