Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guide To Getting ALong With Any Boss

It's a crazy thing to think that a manager-employee relationship can get dysfunctional, but it really happens. Is it happening to you? The following guide might help you normalize yours;

"My boss is a screamer."
Mentally list your boss's failings. Seeing a bully's weaknesses makes him seem less intimidating.

"I'm not my boss's favorite."
Schedule a meeting with your boss, and ask; "Is there something you think I can do better? I'd really like to know because I want to succeed here. Then take your pen out.

"I think I threaten my boss."
If your boss sees you as rival, she may not promote you. So, reassure her by making it your job to help her look good. She's more likely to reward your loyalty and hard work.

"My boss is like a mom to me."
It's not considered healthy to become emotionally dependent on a manager. You may find it hard to take criticism from her, and stop growing at work as a result.