Friday, December 24, 2010

How To Get Through The Hellidays! :)

If you meet an annoying person, a stalker and now you'll be seeing him/her at a family gathering, keep your cool and follow these advices from the experts:

The drinker:
That person begins the evening with a tumbler of scotch and ends it in an argument. Make a pact not to get caught up in a drunken debate. And make sure someone removes his/her car keys. Sit this person down after the holidays and let them know you're concerned.

The Criticizer:
If you hear snide remarks or judgement that ruffle your feathers, try this; - "Wow, I feel like a celebrity with people weighing in on my life like this. Excuse me, my limo driver's here!" Then, walk away.

The Groper:
Grab his wandering hand and say it's great to see him - then beat it to the other side of the room. To stop the behavior for good, tell him you'll appreciate a hands-off policy.

The Wild Child:
Create distraction. If the occasion is in your place, designate a play area so he can be his destructive self with Lego bricks instead of your antiques collection.