Friday, April 20, 2012

Activities That May Trigger Up A Cyber Crime

The world wide web can be good or bad! It would be of no worries about the good benefits the internet is giving us, but with a few clicks of a mouse in the wrong pattern can be harmful!

Here are warning signs (steps) you should be aware of to avoid victims of ID theft or any cyber crimes done by hackers:

1. You snap a photo of your dog playing in your backyard using your GPS enabled phone.

2. Your GPS enabled phone will turn on its GPS receiver and determines your location from the signals of orbiting GPS satellites.

3. The latitude and longitude coordinates or geotags will be embedded into the image file.

4. You post your photo to your Twitter account using Twitpic, and the embedded geotag remains intact.

5. A hacker swipes your location coordinates using the twitpic photo with geotag data.

6. The hacker plugs the latitude and longitude into a web program or google maps to locate your address.

7. The next time you tweet about going on a weeklong vacation, the hacker who now knows your address breaks into your home.

8. Your valuables say "goodbye"!