Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overcoming Your Most Embarrassing Body Problems

Are you still treating nasty conditions such as dandruff and rank feet with your old fashioned powders, balms and shampoos? It's now time to upgrade! They work better and a lot less humiliating.
  • Foot odor: Use the right soap such as an antibacterial products like Dial or Phisoderm especially when you focus on the bacteria between your toes. Keep your feet as dry as possible by blasting your soles with a hair dryer on the cold setting before you apply powders or put on breathable socks.
  • Dandruff: Natural medicine practitioners suggest scarfing down garlic and oregano that has antifungal properties. Most doctors suggest lathering up 2x a week with a high-powered shampoo like Nizoral 1% which kills yeast directly.
  • Sweaty palms: Invest in the $140 Drionic. This device sends an electric current into your skin, shrivelling your sweat glands for close to 24 hours. More serious options include annual Botox injections and sympathectomy, a surgery which stops sweating by severing the nerve between your neck and your arms.
  • Bad breath: Using a saline nasal spray and sleeping with humidifier (especially during dry winter months) is worth recommending. Stock up on sugar-free yogurt and black tea; - studies find that both fight the sulfuric compounds that create the stank.