Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making Your Space Allergy-Free!

Heavy curtains that are heavy are hard to clean and can usually act as magnets to pollens and dirt. You can vacuum them with a brush attachment at least once a week. Another option would be to change your curtains with blinds or shutters as they're easier to keeping it dust-free.

If you choose your furnitures, ideal would be those made of leather, wood or woven furniture, which can be wiped down easily.
Vacuum sofas and chairs often and wash your slip covers with hot water every other week to help kill dust mites. Dry clean fabrics according to care instructions.

Dust mites as well as pet furs, modl spores and dander like to stay on carpets. If you prefer having carpets or rugs on your floor, consider an area rug made of tightly woven natural fibers such as seagrass or sisal which are easier to clean. Use vacuum with hepa filter at least once a week to suck up dust and other allergens.