Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Blu E-Cigs!

I think I have once read about Blu Electronic Cigarettes before, and I was a little bit surprised they had more modern features that they added on their product. I am sure this would be a better news for those who smoke. ;)

We know for the fact that in today's fast paced modern world, technology gets even better, including cigarettes! They continue to build and develop products that conform with the modern era, and products are getting better. So, cigarettes are now electric-powered operated, and in the case of Blu, they even are continously adding more unique features on the product like softwares from social networking sites, such as Facebook, twitter and probably more coming. Cool, isn't it? It's just like almost turning into a smart phone's features only that it's just one -e-cigarette pack!

One cool feature that comes with the e-cig pack is its ability to detect another Blu user close to you if you are also a Blu user. Coming soon with the feature will be the ability of the product to detect retail stores close to you and the ability to save them!

And have you checked those 7 various flavor cartridges? They are worth the tries. You can smoke more with confidence without annoying any other people beside or close to you because it's odorless and doesn't create any ash.